Copper Queen

I turned 23 on February 2nd 2017. For the past decade I had been getting blonde highlights with the exception being when I turned 17 and decided to get a full, straight across fringe and go for a mousey brown colour. I don’t know what I was thinking either. It totally washed me out and my hair was too wispy for a full fringe.

Aside from that, I kept most of my hair blonde but went for a bright purple hidden hue when I was 21. I felt like I was really expressing my rebellious side… that was until I realised you actually couldn’t see it unless I wore my hair up, which is a rarity for me.


Last year I considered going dark on my naturally sandy blonde root and having a brown to blonde balayage. I hadn’t completely settled on it and so I let my root grow out for 7 months. It was one of the least flattering looks I could have gone for, but I felt refreshed and ready for change. This brings me to January.

It was a new year, I was trying to leave my heartache of 2016 behind, and I didn’t want to see the same person who experienced it all in the mirror anymore. I wanted to go for something fun, something glossy, and something totally unexpected for someone who had the same haircut and colour since they were 13 (apart from the few month fringe stint).

I did my research and decided Voodou on Bold Street was where I wanted to be transformed. You go for a little consultation and even get to pick your stylist. I chose Alison after seeing and falling in love with her work on Instagram. I couldn’t be happier for it. She might have been more excited than I was when I said I wanted to go red and that only made me more sure about my decision for change. She explained how she would be using Redken to give my hair a colour contour. I’m a little darker at the root and you can really see the dimension. The image of my hair from the back only has a ring light on it. As Alison described, the colour contour is “like an Instagram filter in real life.” Well dang. She is definitely right.

The whole experience from the consultation to going for my root touch up last week has been nothing but total joy. I love seeing Alison. She’s so much fun to talk to and she really knows what she’s doing so when she explains something to me I absorb it all and trust her completely.

I feel almost like a new person. I still feel the pain of what happened last year, but I have a new presence. I feel like my redheaded self can be a little more edgy (if I wish) than my washed out blonde. I feel like I can wear tiny choker necklaces and bohemian rings, but I can also be as dainty as I please. I feel like I can walk down the street with confidence. Look at me. Look at my awesome hair. I am visible. I am here. I cannot hide, and nor do I want to.

Copper Queen 2

Red haired picture credit goes to the wonderful Alison Clare. If you would like to see more of her beautiful work, her Instagram username is 



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